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with Daniel Aaron

Every 'event' includes interaction, experience and question and response

Topics in brief:

Spiritual practice and spinning gold from the threads of every life. How to live a spiritual life that’s engaged in the world, productive and contemplative at the same time: and why it’s the key to

Meaning making machines - a talk and experience in mastering the power, purpose and possibility of emotions. How and why to access, utilize and benefit from the full range of our human emotions

Radical Intimacy – through the art and challenge of kindness and honesty, a yogic perspective and practice on how to create and deepen relationships that always work and are fulfilling.

The art and science of creating a vibrant life balanced in all the areas that are important and essential to you: Fulfilling livelihood, rockin' relationships, financial abundance, physical thriving, etc. This is an experiential seminar that both educational and transnational.

Time is On Your Side: be a rebel and live with spaciousness, joy and plenty of time do do, create and experience what you truly want in your life. Why discipline and to-do lists always fail and how to live days that are meaningful for you.


Daniel Aaron

Spiritual teacher, coach, astrologer and writer – Daniel Aaron has dedicated his life to understanding the human patterns that create suffering and how to change them. Through his weekly show, live events and trainings, his group coaching mentorship program and 1-1 work, he has led thousands of people to live brighter, more fulfilled lives. Called the Tony Robbins of yoga, he teaches at Omega and Esalen Institutes and founded the globally recognized Radiantly Alive center in Bali.

He’s hardcore about awakening and helping all of us to greater freedom, love and happiness. His experience includes decades of yoga with the modern masters; ruthless personal and spiritual development; radical therapies, trainings and mentorships with enlightened teachers; his own constant self-inquiry, most commonly derived from the ordinary human challenges of his own commitment to kindness, authenticity and masterful service; single-fathering a 10 year old angel; and founding, running and selling businesses.

What people say

Gillian Wilkins, Artist, New York

“A genuine sense of self-discovery and pure energy has been reignited in me. I feel more connected to myself and others on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level."

Richard Mann

United Kingdom

“Listening to Daniel Aaron’s account of his years of searching and self-discovery is a little like following the story of the early wanderings of Siddartha Gautama, the Buddha.”

Melissa Wozniak

New York

“Daniel’s dedication to personal development and the decades he’s spent on his own drive each session to go further and deeper. He’s intuitive in his guidance and makes sessions of emotional exorcism feel safe and supported”.

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